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Participant Financial Wellness Services

Financial wellness is a critical component of overall wellness and helps maximize participation in your retirement plan. Engage a firm that truly cares about employee financial well-being and can help employees with a broad range of finance concerns and challenges—beyond retirement plan education.

Education Consultation

Understanding retirement plan options is a key factor in employee participation in a retirement plan. We can help you determine strategic and customized educational options using:

  • A proprietary scorecard analysis that uses your 401(k) data to assess employee participation
  • Assessment and ongoing effectiveness evaluations of education materials and goals
  • Strategic planning and collaboration with your plan recordkeeper and other financial wellness providers to maximize employee engagement


Group Education

In addition to defining educational goals, we can work with you to deliver education specific to your organization’s needs that’s designed to maximize participant engagement—including increased deferral rates, and decreased participant plan loans or early withdrawals. Education can be delivered in person, online and via video recordings.

Online Financial Wellness Platform 

Bring it all together with anytime access to our online learning platform, which features interactive and personalized learning for employees with dozens of bite-sized modules on a variety of topics—like building emergency savings, considering home ownership, financing higher education, social security and more. It’s an online platform that’s:

  • Accessible via mobile devices and tablets
  • Able to be customized with your unique benefits
  • Built for self-guided learning and exploration based on needs and interests
  • Capable of incorporating Personal Advisory Services and Group Education

Personal Advisory Services

Give employees the freedom and flexibility to ask about and receive individualized guidance on the financial topics that matter most to them, via one-on-one consultations with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®). Personal financial planning for employees—regardless of account size—offers:

  • Unbiased and tailored advice based on their best interest
  • Comprehensive and goal-based planning for each employee—including live assistance for specific questions
  • Customized investment solutions
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