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Individual Investment Management

Personal investments are just that—personal. That’s why we get to know the individuals we advise. Retirement income is just one piece of the puzzle and with us, you get comprehensive and customized financial planning rather than rigid portfolio templates. 

Personal Financial Advisory

Connect with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) to explore the financial topics you are most interested in learning about. You can expect your CFP® to:

  • Review your total financial picture 
  • Provide financial advice and create a personalized financial planning report 
  • Answer questions about finances and investments
  • Revise personalized recommendations as needed throughout the year

With our goal-based planning, financial planning reports don’t become outdated as your assets change. Any recommendations shared are unbiased—our advisors don’t receive commissions based on the products or services recommended.

Individual Asset Management 

Regardless of how much you have saved, you deserve the option to invest in a personalized investment portfolio. Advanced Capital Group’s customized portfolios: 

  • Are flexible savings options beyond corporate 401(k) plans and other assets
  • Complement Advanced Capital Group’s Personal Financial Advisory service
  • Include portfolio models created and monitored by Advanced Capital Group
  • Align with individual risk profiles and require a minimum investment of just $5,000
  • Provide automatic rebalancing and quarterly reporting 

Municipal Bond Portfolios

A Municipal Bond Portfolio allows investors to enjoy the perks of institutional trading—including better pricing, service, reporting, strategy and analysis—while keeping the autonomy of a separately managed investment. Municipal Bond Portfolios allow more control over the composition of the holdings than a mutual fund.

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A Comprehensive Approach

Advanced Capital Group provides a holistic approach to financial strategy.

Put our vision to work for you.

We are passionate about fostering creative ideas and exploring new opportunities for our clients. Contact us to learn how a customized relationship can help you succeed.